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Vampires Vs. Unicorns BUNDLE

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NOTE: This is a special bundle which includes:

-Vampires Vs. Unicorn Boxed Game

- A special enamel Unicorn battle pin on backing card by Travis Lampe

-A Vampires Vs. Unicorns die cut sticker pack (featuring 3 4inch silkscreened stickers with paintings by Travis Lampe from the Game with an illustrated header card to hold the thing together in a bag.

-18 x 24" Vampires vs. unicorns poster (folded) with art by Travis Lampe (and no dumb company logos).

This Bundle is limited and special items in it are not avail. here for individual sale.

It's time to choose a side, human.

Will you lead the fierce blood snob VAMPIRES or perhaps throw down with a herd of obnoxious UNICORNS?

VAMPIRES vs. UNICORNS: Floor War is a hillariously fun THROWING CARD game with unexpected results, featuring fantastic hand painted tile art by TRAVIS LAMPE and TRAVIS LOUIE suitable for framing!

Draw from your deck of cards to RAISE THE DEAD, cause a UNICORN STAMPEDE, and more! It’s up to you to find the best throwing technique to destroy your opponent’s FLOOR TILES, but, like, BEWARE! As not all tiles are the same!

It’s HORN vs. TOOTH, HOOF vs. CLAW! 

Original concept and design by Jim Dubois with additional design and development by Attaboy. Produced by Yumfactory Games.

It's a game that is durable, playable, then frameable.

  • 7 frameable Two-Sided Unicorn Tiles : each is 7.75" x 7.75", made of high quality thick 2.0mm laminated chipboard
  • 7 frameable Two-Sided Vampire Tiles : each is 7.75" x 7.75", made of high quality thick 2.0mm laminated chipboard.
  • 48 Vampire Cards, with rounded corners in a handy card box!
  • 48 Unicorn Cards, with rounded corners in a handy card box!
  • 16-Page Full Color illustrated Instruction Booklet 
  • Specially Designed Vac Tray to hold all of the above. The whole game weighs in about 3lbs.
  • The rare opportunity to enact revenge on your opponent/friend/foe and defeat those bastard unicorns once and for all. 

Game Box Size 10" x10"

This item is carefully packed and shipped in a medium priority box for extra protection.

Hi-Fructose can not ship items to prisons (they deem our items "questionable". Right now, this item can only be shipped to US locations.

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