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Hi-Fructose Collected Volume 2 Hardcover

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The Hi-Fructose Collected 2 Hardcover Book is a thick 300+ page hardcover book expands a best of selection of material from issues 5-8 of the magazine. Beautifully printed with surprise fold-outs and featuring a cover by Audrey Kawasaki.  Packed with intelligent interviews and essays on top new contemporary artists, edited by Annie Owens and Attaboy, it is a must-have addition to your personal library. Includes a special introduction by the infamous Long Gone JohnPublished by Last Gasp.

Featuring: Amy Sol, Lori Earley, James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki, Mars-1, Parskid, Brendan Danielsson, David Stoupakis, Apak, Angry Woebots, Jordan Crane, Marion Peck, Yoko d’Holbachie, Jason D’Aquino, Ken Keirns, Scott Radke, Amy Casey, Mark Jenkins, Oliver Munday, Brendan Tang, Travis Louie, Brian Dettmer, Kukula, KMNDZ, Freek Drent, XiaoQing Ding, Naoto Hattori, Paul Pope, Chris Mars, Edwin Ushiro, Jonathan Wayshak, KRK Ryden, Gregory Jacobsen, Yoskay Yamamoto, Mike Rea, Ferris Plock, Oksana Badrack, Femke Heimstra, Victor Castillo, The Taxidermy of Dr. Seuss, Esao Andrews, Robert Hardgrave, Camille Rose Garcia, Barnaby Barford, McBess and More!

Features special fold-out sections by Marion Peck, James Jean, and Chris Mars!

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