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Just added! Boy's Club by Matt Furie

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This collection of slacker psychedelic comics spawned a thousand Internet memes.

The unlikely innocent origins of Pepe the Frog can be

found in this awesomely strange slacker comic book.

Cartoonist Matt Furie's deadpan comics showcase slacker roommates Andy, Brett, Landwolf, and Pepe in a series of comical vignettes combining laconic psychedelia, childlike enchantment, drug-fueled hedonism, and impish mischief. The perpetually insouciant glaze of his characters belie the sharp verbal and visual wit of Furie, who delivers a stoner classic for the Tumblr generation. In fact, Furie's wildly popular teenage weirdoes became an overnight internet sensation when Pepe the Frog was widely adopted by users of 4chan and remixed ad infinitum from there (including uses by pop stars like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry), giving Boy's Club built-in recognition with many. Boy's Club's sense of humor will especially resonate with fans of stoner comedies and black humor.

6.3" × 7.9", 176 pages , softcover

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