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Hi-Fructose - Volume 23

Hi-Fructose - Volume 23

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Hi-Fructose Magazine travels the globe to bring you the best New Contemporary Art with Vol.23! With our next issue, on stands in April, we scratch the surface with VHILS, are haunted by the dark paintings of Chilean painter Victor Castillo, we consume the disturbingly delicious sculptures of Dirk Staschke, discover the paintings of Joyce Ho, then cross-section the glass pane paintings of Xia Xiaowan, we get possessed by the work of Belgian painter of Stephan Balleux, then travel to Brazil to explore the art of Joao Ruas, but not before we interview LA muralist and painter Mark Dean Veca, and interview cover artistJunko Mizuno with a major feature! Plus! the art of Casey RiordanSkinner's new Art book and more! View previews here!

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