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Hi-Fructose - Volume 25

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Hi-Fructose returns this Fall with the best in New Contemporary Art. Hi-Fructose Vol.25 and is available in October. It features the fascinating story of pop art icon Kusama Yayoi, the provocative work of designer/artist Parra, and the beautiful gold leaf paintings of Brad Kunkle. We take a look inside the exploded view world of Scott Teplin, discover the dense and haunting wastelands of Fulvio di Piazza, then delve into the neo-grotesque portraits of Christian Rex van Minnen, and present to you the ethereally disturbing drawings of Julia Randall. Plus updates on the legendary Barry McGeeLola, the new Tiffany Bozic book, Wayne White and more!
We’re thrilled to have Audrey Kawasaki as this issue’s cover feature and proud to be the first to print her new work. 

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