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Hi-Fructose - Volume 32

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PLEASE NOTE: All orders received after 12 pm PST Dec.21st. will be shipped after Christmas. They will be shipped January 4th.2016.  All orders before 12 pm PST Dec.21st have been shipped priority mail. Happy new year!
Hi-Fructose Vol. 32 features a beautiful cover and feature and special 16-page insert by Travis Louie, we chase clouds with the murals and art of Sainer and the ETAM CRU, the animal portraits of Susan Siegel, Andy Gilmore's hallucinatory graphics, Eric Wert's intense still-lives, Shawn Huckins modern painted text messaging meets old masters mash-ups, painter Casey Weldon's bright and bold pop surreal works, Mark Gmehling's 3D distortions, and a major feature on the art of Sam Wolfe Connelly!
Plus a journey into hell in stereoscopic 3D, Dima Drjuchin's Lil Goof  and more! Pre-order a copy today!
FYI: We send our issues out Flat Rate Priority Mail. So that means 2 issues ship for the same envelope price.
Add another back issue for the same ship rate!
and 3-6 copies ship for the same flat rate box as well. 
Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery after an issue's launch date (July1st). There are no refunds. Hi-Fructose does not ship magazines to prisons.
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