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Hi-Fructose - Volume 56-Mark Ryden Anniversary Cover

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To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Hi-Fructose, we've created a special cover edition of our latest issue with Mark Ryden.
The cover features Ryden's mysteriously dangerous  "Magic Bear"  from his latest Anima Animals exhibition (featured in this issue) and a beautiful foil stamped logo.
Only 500 copies were made of this edition and is only available direct from us.
The 56th Volume of Hi-Fructose is Here!
This issue features: 
The art of Hydeon, the paintings of Greg Ito,  the paintings of Vanessa Stockard, cover artist Hattie Stewart's Violently Happy world, the contemporary surreal paintings of Kirsten Deirup, a fascinating feature on Mardi Gras Indians and the Second Line as seen through the lens of Eric Waters, Mark Ryden's Anima Animals, the sweet and dangerous art of Kristen Liu-Wong, and a look at the micro verse world of Steve Casino!
plus a 16 page insert on the art of Dave Cooper
printed on fine toothy paper, and more!

124 pages, full color.

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