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Jim Woodring's Weathercraft Hardcover book

Jim Woodring's Weathercraft Hardcover book

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Weathercraft is acclaimed cartoonist and painter Jim Woodring's first full-length graphic novel. Weathercraft stars Manhog, who, after 32 pages of almost incomprehensible suffering, embarks upon a transformative journey and attains enlightenment. He wants to go to celestial realms but instead altruistically returns to the Unifactor to undo a wrong he has inadvertently brought about: The transformation of the evil politician Whim into a mind-destroying plant-demon who distorts and enslaves Frank and his friends. The new and metaphysically expanded Manhog sets out for a final battle with Whim...

104 pages  Hardback 

Black and white interiors, 8.3" × 11.3"

Published by Fantagraphics.

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