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Mark Ryden's "Tree Show" Postcard Microportfolio

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Wander through mesmerizing forests and meet the exotic and wondrous inhabitants of Mark Ryden's celebrated Tree Show, found within this unique microportfolio of 15 souvenir postcards. This is the fifth of Mark Ryden's Microportfolios, and contains images from The Tree Show, his sold-out solo exhibition at Michael Kohn Gallery. Fifteen beautifully detailed reproductions include: Allegory of the Four Elements, The Apology, Fetal Trapping in North America, Logging Truck, Yoshi, Tree of Life, California Brown Bear, Ghost Girl, Goodbye Bear, General Sherman, Squirrel Girl, Bear Girl, Stump Baby, and Nurse Sue.

A wonderful little collection for you or a friend. 

US ORDERS ONLY. Third printing.

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