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Hi-Fructose - Volume 34 Signed by Margaret Keane

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We start off with the carpet sculptures of Faig Ahmed, then present to paintings of Joanne Nam, then delve into the public stick sculptures of Patrick Dougherty.

We're proud to present Big Eyes icon Margaret Keane on the cover feature with an exclusive interview with the artist with Long Gone John and an introduction by Megan Besmirched! Also we're excited to offer a fantastic 16-page insert featuring the mixed media works of Gary Taxali. Then we showcase Tricia Cline's amazingly strange and detailed sculptures , while Jonathan Viner's paintings, Floria Sigosmondi's photographs and exclusive interview, then we revisit the assemblage sculptures of Kris Kuksi with a major feature, showing his latest exhibition, plus the new William Mortensen book, Click Mort, and much more, all in one perfect bound issue!

120 pages, full color.
Each copy is signed by cover artist Margaret Keane.
Hi-Fructose will donate 100% of proceeds to UNICEF.
Supply is limited to 40 copies. Limit 2 per customer. If you order more than two, your order will be cancelled. Please double check your address before confirming your order or better yet use a business address. It is your responsibility to give us the correct mailing address. We can only ship these to US locations. 
Each copy will be sent in a medium flat rate priority box so shipping is more than a single issue to allow for proper protection/packaging.
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There are no refunds. Hi-Fructose does not ship magazines to prisons.
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